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May 2, 2014

DFW Adoption video project

Producing videos has been a core part of our business since day one and over that time we have been involved in a huge variety of subjects.

Our latest video though was possibly the most touching and rewarding so far, involving two parents and their three children. Nothing unusual there you may think, until you know that the three children are all adopted and all from the same birth mother.
Our client, DFW adoption, based in Durham, a private adoption agency, were approached by Peter and Stuart who had decided that they wanted to adopt. They were not looking to adopt one child though, they wanted to provide a home for a complete sibling group. Margaret Bell, Director of DFW, pointed out that all too often, siblings are separated as it is difficult to place more than one child at a time.

So when Peter and Steve expressed their wishes Margaret and her team were on the case and having the facility to match families with children via a national search, soon located three children looking for a permanent adoption family. That was five years ago and today they opened up their home to us to allow us to tell their story and to try to encourage more prospective adopters to go down the route of adopting sibling groups. Ryan, Rebecca and Rihanna all wanted to be a part of the film and the words came from them .
We sometimes fail to realise how much a child actually takes in from the situation around them, we also might not listen as much as we should to what they are saying. But when your job is to sit and listen and capture their stories, you realise the importance of what they say. Margaret and indeed the crew were in bits by the end of the filming. The gratitude that these children expressed to have become part of a loving stable family was overwhelming, but the main message that came through was that how important that all still being together was to them.

Peter and Stuart have created a loving safe home for three beautiful children for which they should be commended and we feel privileged at being allowed to be a part of their story.

Here is the final video



If you know of anyone considering adopting children ask them to get in touch with DFW who will be only too happy to answer any questions they may have. You can find out about their services at www.dfw.org.uk

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