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March 31, 2021


Brand culture must become your behaviour.

If something is complex, why not make it simple. As your agency it is our job to make things clear and simple for you and your audience. We've yet to meet an audience who responds best to complexity. Simple principles are also the foundation for our brand culture.

Our culture is our brand

Punch is a place where the team is supported and treated with respect and value.

Everyone has the chance to be heard and work in a way where hierarchy becomes flat, creative collaboration is key. However, brand culture means nothing if it does not become part of your behaviour.

For us, our culture is our brand.

Our four day work week

To help provide a better work-life balance we introduced the four day week in 2020. This creates a more focused four day week from Monday to Thursday, with a longer weekend to spend more time doing the things that matter to us. We encourage our team to develop their creative pursuits or simply spend time away from the screen to prevent burn-out and bring a new sense of energy and purpose to their studio time.

Punch profit share scheme

We started Punch with the vision that people should play an active role – and share in our success. But what does that really mean? Yes we want people to develop their chosen career path with us and be properly remunerated for it. In 2021 we took this one step further by introducing our Punch profit share scheme. A company wide, all-inclusive, non-capped share of our year end profits for the whole team.

Louise, Commercial Director at Punch

“Our culture is who we are, there is no way of faking that. If your culture is not reflected in your behaviour then your brand is nothing more than a logo."


Our vision and values reflect Punch as a company.

We are responsible for the long-term investment in our agency and that of our people. As a foundation built on trust, we have always taken client confidence very seriously and pride ourselves on developing strong and meaningful partnerships for the long-term.

Our Purpose

To connect our clients with their customers.

Our Values

To do things right and sleep at night.

Our Vision

To make everyone our cheerleader.

Reasons Why

Our values dictate the principles behind our client partnerships.

We have developed our ‘reasons why’ as a result of our client experience over time – to help build relationships of mutual trust, creativity, innovation, respect and success for the long term.



We started our agency to build effective partnerships for the long term. This is why communication is the core principle of our client relationships and the core focus of every team member.



Specialist experience allows us to develop a joint sales and marketing structure for our clients which creates a measurable point of difference in our strategic approach.



Inefficiency costs time and money – every client knows this. Our studio is a single, cohesive team, designed to support you in the most effective way possible



Selecting an agency should balance the ability to deliver results with an effective cultural fit, and we are just as focused on the right client fit for the future of our agency.



Simplicity is the key to understanding. Anything else can lead to frustration. We believe that clearly-defined briefs, agreed outcomes, a simple fee structure and a cohesive project team establish clarity to enable your success.



We are a rare breed of agency. Our owners are involved in all aspects of studio life which reflects our conviction that great work is created as a result of commitment and collective effort.

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