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July 13, 2012

Cascade HR Web & Print Rebrand

We were delighted to have been recently asked to a creative design meeting by Cascade, a leading supplier of HR & Payroll software based in Leeds.
Cascade felt it was time for an overhaul of their brand image and wanted to consider how to do this across both print and web platforms (oh, and also deliver it all in time for their most important industry exhibition of the year, along with their exhibition graphics and an associated press campaign!).
As their business is HR, Cascade are all about people, so this became our start point in considering how to move their brand forward. As a business who have built up a great reputation in their industry we felt it was important to retain the equity they have built up in their brand – but also add a new design dimension to it.
As Cascade had grown over time so had their website. And as each new service and software innovation had been added it had combined to create a website that had become quite busy and potentially confusing to a new visitor.
Most importantly though, their brand presence on their website did not reflect their true identity. Dealing primarily with clients who are concerned with HR, Cascade had built a team of genuinely nice people with a lot of pride in their product – the brand just did not show it.
[blockquote]Marketing a comprehensive software product to HR professionals in a concise easy to digest manner is challenging. Having had several briefing meetings with Punch, the team really understood what we were trying to achieve and as a result we felt comfortable with introducing a bold new design which is very different to the approach taken by other vendors competing in this market.
We are pleased with the results. In particular we received a positive reaction to the new branding at the CIPD HR software show, the largest event we participate in each year.
Andy Court – Marketing Manager
Cascade Human Resources Ltd
[/blockquote] Cascade_HR_Print_Design
So working with their marketing team we went back to the drawing board and developed a number of design ideas to sit alongside the existing brand, but also take it onto the next level to better resonate with their target market.
We also identified the key motivators that any visitor to their website would have, and how to simplify these into key messages and a user journey that will create a positive experience of both the product and the Cascade brand.
Our creative team decided to bring each element of their brand together by introducing a new illustrative style to deliver key client messages and provide a real point of difference for Cascade amongst their peer brands.
Cascade at the CIPD HR Software Show
[divider] The new design work is bright, positive and relevant to the workplace environment that people in HR can relate to. Importantly the creative work uses the existing brand and can be easily adapted to suit whatever client message Cascade wish to promote at any time – in a fresh, humorous and engaging way.
You can find out how our work was received on the Cascade blog (on their new website by Punch Creative of course!).