A Week in the Life of Paul - Punch Creative
November 28, 2018

A Week in the Life of Paul

In another ‘Week in the Life’ blog, our digital Leeds agency takes you behind the studio doors to give you a glimpse into the world of everything web, design and marketing. This time, our Web Developer, Paul Howells gives you the low down on what a week in his working life looks like…



As it’s Monday, I need a huge coffee before I think about cracking on with my production for the day. As it’s the morning, the web team and I sit down for a quick catch up on priorities for the week – there is lots of web updates, coding and testing to be done. I start by coding an e-shot and doing page updates for software recruitment company, networx. Then I move onto plugin updates, SEO and testing for the First Actuarial Pensions’ website. Before I know it, it’s time to head home!


No day is ever the same in my job, so today I’m working on another bunch of clients. Being on the web development team, sometimes we experience tech glitches, which need to be fixed ASAP – so I start by fixing an Instagram problem on a client’s website. At lunchtime, I pop to the local sarnie shop and head back to the office for a game of pool (yes, we have a pool table!). After chilling out, I start work on Riverside Waste Machinery’s consumables shop, adding bundle options and a feature strip.


It’s hump day (Wednesday) so I’m in dire need of a coffee! After daily production, I get to work on monthly updates for Riverside Waste Machinery, which consists of changing products, adding new ranges and updating the nav bar. We recently developed a website for a new client with our social & PR team supplying the new optimised copy, after lunch, I need to add a new section to the live website for SEO. I finish the day by putting together a web quote document for new clients (exciting!).


The countdown to Christmas is on, which means some of our clients are running seasonal content, so I begin my morning developing an email campaign promoting exclusive festive offers for our client, Splendid. I then move onto to updating an online interest rates calculator for property development company, KMRE Group. After another game of pool, some food and a catch up with colleagues, I get back to work, this time working on the Talasey Training Academy website. Nothing major to do, just a couple of content updates!


It’s Friday, which means only one thing, time to see who’s won the coding challenge this week! I won’t bore you with the details but the gist of it is to code string manipulations. Neil takes the trophy this week…only just. It’s a day full of SEO reporting for me, something we do every month for clients, I’ll be reviewing each client and putting together a list of improvements to boost search engine rankings. Another job I have today is to look at Punch’s website and perform UI design-builder updates, as well as reviewing our own SEO.
It’s been a busy but exciting week at Punch, so I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend, before getting back to it Monday morn!