A Week in My Job: Pip - Punch Creative
October 5, 2018

A Week in My Job: Pip

Hi, I’m Pip – I’ve worked as a Graphic Designer at Punch for 7 years now. I began as an intern and it was a perfect match on both sides so luckily I was hired as a full-time employee straight after graduation!



I always begin my day by making a fancy coffee to get the morning off to a good start and load up on some caffeine. I’m in early so I like to browse Pinterest and Medium for some design inspiration. I then check out my production for the day. Today’s tasks mostly consist of doing amends for last weeks jobs and altering designs based on client feedback.


I start the day by working on some designs for Splendid Hospitality Group detailing their staff benefits. Splendid is one of my favourite clients as they give me quite a lot of creative freedom and their brand is bright and playful to work with! I then create a poster for the National Coal Mining Museum based on a leaflet I made for them yesterday.


My weeks are always so varied and no day is ever the same – today is no different! I have a busy production creating banners, leaflets, posters and animations for lots of different clients so a big coffee is definitely needed. At lunch, I chill out by beating the web boys at pool (as usual). I finish off the day resizing an advert for Slaters, another client I love working for as it’s great to see how they’ve evolved since our early days of working with them.


After our morning production and watching our Studio Manager Helen’s motivational (or cheesy) video of the day I get to work on creating some 3D swatches and then work on some amends for a pull-up banner. I usually finish up the day by checking my timesheets are up to date and load up my playlist for the drive home!


Fancy coffee drank, I start working on some new artwork for Splendid a TV screen advert for Slaters. I then work on an advertisement, some offer posters and a new menu for Splendid and finally look forward to a well deserved weekend after another busy but fun week at Punch!