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May 13, 2019

A month in review…April

It’s been a busy month here at Punch, so you must excuse us, we are extremely late to the game with our month in review blog! The marketing industry is still moving in leaps and bounds with new ideas and creative processes. Read on as our Leeds digital agency reviews the month that was April…


Coca-Cola Mixers

We featured Coca-Cola in our last ‘month in review’ blog, but we had to mention them again! The soft drinks giant is showing no signs of slowing down at the minute, heading into the alcohol market with their new mixers. This move comes as research shows people willingly opt for more expensive mixers. Figures from research company CGA showed premium mixers were up 32.9% compared to a decline of 7% for mainstream mixers – a trend that is set to only continue.


Coca-Cola has headed back to its heritage in terms of serving their mixers in Hutchinson glass bottles, a nod to the first bottles ever used back in 1894. The whole process of creating these mixers has taken just 16-months from start to finish, which shows their dedication to keep up with consumers ever-changing demands. Their change in direction comes after new CEO James Quincey believes ‘it’s OK to try new things.’


We’re sure the new mixers will be a success, and can only imagine what new product they’ll come up with next!

Heineken launches alcohol-free campaign

We’ve all been there, roped into going for a few drinks with your mates, when in reality all you want to do is slob out on the sofa in your PJ’s. You see the low-alcohol beers in the bar and desperately want one, but don’t want to look ‘uncool’.


Well, Heineken is about to make this cool as it launches its ‘first cross-brand zero alcohol campaign.’ They’re hoping their ‘Say Yes’ campaign will raise awareness and change people’s perceptions of the alcohol-free category. CGA has reported that this part of the drinks industry is growing substantially, with the market worth a jaw-dropping £42.5m.


Heineken hopes their campaign will be a huge success as they will be focusing beyond Millenials and looking at Generation X, Y and Z. University College London has concluded that a third of 18-24-year-olds are now tee-total, with Ipsos Mori claiming that more than half of people are trying to cut back on alcohol. This gives Heineken the perfect edge to launch their new campaign.


Tesco step back in time

To celebrate 100 years of the iconic supermarket chain, Tesco has recently launched its advertising campaign ‘100 years of great value.’  Launching a similar advert back in January with the help of Mr Blobby, this advert looked back at the 60 mods and 70’s roller girls. The new TV advert focuses on animated clay character Morph, with his best mate Chas, Mr Motivator and a jumpsuit-clad Anneka Rice!


The supermarket chain wants to cement their commitment to bringing great value to customers, by offering Clubcard holders extra rewards, alongside selling their discount chain ‘Jack’s’ products in stores for the first time. Latest figures have shown that Tesco has performed better than expected this last year, with profits up 34% to £2.21bn and overall group sales up 11.5% to £56.9bn. What do you think of the TV adverts, are they bringing back great memories of yesteryear? Or, perhaps you’re too young to even know who anyone in the advert is?!


Brands boost ‘Britishness’

We all know that Brexit is a major talking point of late, with nobody really knowing what the outcome of it all is going to be…


But not everybody is seeing this as a negative – many brands are using this as a way to push ‘Britishness’ on their products in the hope we will start to support our home brands more. Us Brits are less loyal to local produce than anyone else globally, but with the cost of imports set to go up with Brexit looming, now is the time to start being a bit more loyal! Only 51% of us choose to eat local, well below the global average of 63% according to research by Ipsos Mori.


Understandably consumers are lacking confidence as they wait to see how the food market will be affected in regards to Brexit, and their wallets. 67% of people surveyed believe the cost of food is going to get worse next year, with only 9% believing it will get better. What do you think? Are you loyal to buying British produce or do you not really think about what you’re putting in your shopping trolley?


To keep up to date with everything in the marketing world, check out our next month in review blog! Coming soon.

By Becca Keenan, Digital Marketing Executive