A helping hand to new design talent - Punch Creative
June 20, 2014

A helping hand to new design talent

One of the best things about being in business is being able to make your own decisions.

For myself and my co-directors that was the major reason for starting Punch, our digital and design agency. As an owner and manager of a small design agency, these decisions can often be a creative decision relating to a design or website project or something strategic concerning the running of the business. The main thing is that we are free to make those decisions, involving the design team so we all play a part in how and where Punch develops as a business.
One such decision we made right from the start is to give a chance to people who need a break in the design industry. It’s a tough one to break into (as we found ourselves) so when we have room we have people spend time with us to learn a bit about the design industry so they can add the experience to their CV. This also helps them break the catch-22 that all aspiring designers encounter – how to get a break without having any studio experience?
So, when a friend recently asked if we would give a little time to her son who is at a decision making stage in his education the answer was easy…
“can he make tea?”
“yes, of course”
The interesting thing is when a student or intern joins us for a while, their input is often very valuable. It can help give an open and honest assessment of a project, or a different viewpoint when deciding on creative direction.
As it happens, James joined us as we are working on the initial ideas stage for a large creative design pitch (for a company who will remain nameless for now). Now James is not the target demographic for this particular company, nor has he bought the retail product we are being asked to help sell. But, as an open-minded, creative thinker, he spent time researching the brand and gave a lot of unbiased feedback – not only on design approach but also on how to disrupt the market in general to create room for our campaign.
An opinion like that is very valuable, especially at the crucial ideas stage of a campaign. We don’t give people the opportunity to spend time with us based on a hope they will help land our next big account. It is enough for them to be friendly, courteous and make a decent brew. But more often than not students and interns and juniors can add value to the work you do.
So, as we always say to others…if you are looking for a break in the industry and have a similar approach to James, then get in touch and we will try to find room for you.