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November 6, 2014

A guide to posting social and website content more effectively

So, you’ve spent several hours constructing your latest website blog masterpiece or you’re ready to unveil a new product or design – but do you know the best time to share or launch your digital campaign?

Thankfully for you, we’ve scoured the internet and our own website reports to bring you a helpful ‘how to’ guide for effective social engagement.

  • Engagement rates are 18% higher later in the week, especially on a Thursday & Friday. Trends suggest that online engagement can rise up to 32% higher on weekends with Saturday being the best day to share content.
  • If we were to look at a specific time of day around 1 pm will get the most shares, around 3pm for more clicks which in total makes Saturday afternoon the primetime for any focused Facebook campaign.
  • There is also quality research to suggest that a personal tone of voice using “I” and “me” or “we” tend to get more likes.
  • Posts that have a neutral tone tend to get less likes – and although we would never condone it – a very negative post tends to get more comments than positive posts.
  • If you are a B2B company these facts are reversed, in fact weekdays get better engagement rates than weekends.
  • As a final fact for Facebook – did you also know that photo posts on Facebook get 39% more user interaction?

Now on to Twitter…

  • B2C Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends.
  • Keeping your tweets between 120 and 130 characters have the highest rates for success and it’s best to place links approx. 25% of the way through your post.
  • Tweets containing “via”, “RT”, “Please”,“@” and “check” have higher retweet rate.

Did you know that 23.63% of digital email campaigns are opened with the first hour of sending? The best day to send your email campaign is Thursday, which has the highest open and CTR rates of any day of the week.

  • 10pm till 6am – this is called the graveyard shift for the right reasons – no-one will interact with your emails!
  • 6am till 8am – businesses are waking up, people are travelling to the office. If people are on the move with their tablets or mobiles they may be able to pick up the early campaign.
  • 8am till 10am –this is primetime for B2B based emails when your customers are going to be the most receptive and alert to any emails. Most people will spend the first moments of their day checking emails and organizing work for that current day and will dedicate time specifically for this action.
  • 10am till 12pm – people tend to be busy with their first job of the day so tend not to interact with their emails.
  • 12pm till 2pm – lunchtime is the best time if you are looking for your customers to make a choices linking to any website transactions. Most people will be sat eating food either shopping or doing a bit of recreational web surfing and are more susceptible to an offer.
  • 2pm till 3pm – a lull in activity as users tend to be focused in work related tasks.
  • 3pm till 5pm – research suggests that Property and Financial related offers are best sent during this time.
  • 5pm till 7pm – drive time for the majority of the UK so there will be a lull and also people are usually having tea.
  • 7pm – 10pm – consumer promotions have a slight lift in the evening.

We can look at the above stats and see the same trend emerging. Thursday morning is the prime time to post out a website blog, 11am is the peak time during this period.
There is an obvious flip side to this coin where we also tend to see more sales related emails during a period so people simply batch delete them! Also going against the flow of email traffic and posting when there is a lull in traffic may help your website campaign stand out.