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September 22, 2017

5 Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

A logo is at the forefront of your brand. It’s not just an image, but it’s also the introduction the brand, therefore you want it to make an impact. You want people to connect your logo with the brand it’s representing, so what makes a logo work well.


Here at Punch Creative in Leeds, we can not only help create your logo design but help develop it into your marketing campaign. When it comes to creating a logo design, there are 5 principles that you should follow.



Simple design works best

You want people to recognise your logo as soon as they see it and the best way to do this is by making it simple.
The simplicity of a design makes it memorable, so the less complicated the better.  Easily recognisable logos are the most effective as they allow customers to notice and remember your brand wherever they see the logo. An example where simplicity works best is Nike. The Nike logo was first created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, who as a design student at the time, designed one of the world’s most recognisable logos for just $35! You can see in time, they’ve streamlined the logo, removing the text and leaving the famous solo swoosh as the main feature of the brand. One of the most recognised logos in the world is also one of the world’s most simple.


Timeless design transcends trend

Trends come and go, therefore not only do you want to create a simple and memorable design, you also want it to be timeless.
You want to aim for longevity and a logo design that will still be relevant in years to come. A great example of how logos can stand the test of time is the example of Coco-Cola and Pepsi.
The Coco-Cola logo has had relatively few changes throughout the years. They’ve changed certain aspects of the design, but the one element that they’ve kept almost completely consistent throughout is the style of the text. The logo was initially created over a century ago, is still instantly recognisable as Coco-Cola and that’s why it’s a timeless design. When you compare the Pepsi logo, there’s a variety of changes in font, colours and design throughout the years. Although it’s still widely recognisable, the Pepsi logo has had to change as time has gone on.

Versatility in design is best

When creating your logo design, it’s assumed that it can be used across a variety of mediums and applications. A good logo will work when used on a letterhead, coloured paper and in videos. You also need to check if your logo is still effective on something as large as a billboard or on something as the size of a stamp.
FedEx is an example of a versatile logo. Their logo is featured in a range of different mediums including on their vans and small packaging as well as across a range of materials.

Memorable design sticks with you

One of the most important things when creating a logo is ensuring it leaves a lasting impression. This is achieved by having a simple, but the appropriate logo for the use. Make your design unique, so it sticks in people’s minds and be instantly recognised the next time they see it.
One of the most memorable logo’s is Apple. It’s an instantly recognised shape, unique to its brand. Having the bite on the side means that there are no doubt that it’s Apple. There’s no need for text, as with its good reputation and innovative design, the image says it all.


Appropriate design for your market

Who is your target audience? When you create your logo, it should be appropriate for its intended audience. Therefore, your logo should be heavily influenced by who you are, what your message is and who your customer is. Once you’ve established these qualities, you’ll have a greater sense of the colour, font and graphics to use for your logo.
Toys ‘R’ Us branding is instantly recognisable. With its playful text, the range of colours and the addition of the star, the logo is attended for a younger audience.
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