4 trends to help you keep the 'Social' in Social Media - Punch Creative
January 26, 2018

4 trends to help you keep the 'Social' in Social Media

Here at Punch, our Leeds digital marketing team are constantly keeping an eye on industry news to always be prepared for the ever-changing world of social media. Here are our four key social ‘trends’ to help keep your brand both relevant and engaging this year:




By now we’re sure you’re bored of the word ‘authentic’ – but it remains an important key to success on social media! While image-led social platforms such as Instagram tend to lean towards a more polished appearance, there is now a movement towards organic videos and photography. A great way to showcase this with minimal effort is to introduce “Instagram Stories” to your everyday digital marketing. Inject some personality into your account by showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of your daily office antics, or ‘sneak-peeks’ at a secret project or two. Here at our digital agency in Leeds, we like to put the pressure on our designers by regularly taking snapshots of their screens mid-work, and it remains some of our most engaged content.


While clear, sleek photography hasn’t lost its appeal (don’t fire your photographer yet!) – generic stock images don’t showcase brand authenticity and fail to engage customers in the same way. So, brace yourself to ditch the posed shots and heavy filters in order to embrace more genuine and credible content that allows your audience to get-to-know your team, and learn the true story behind the brand. We promise you’ll start to see your following number soar!


Videos are here to stay!


87% of online marketers use video content – if you’re not one of them, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon! Video allows people to engage with content faster, easier and without the added pressure of reading a large block of text. Studies have shown it’s importance, with 1/3 of all online activity spent watching a video (most of that probably comes from our web team at lunch-time…) – and it’s no surprise that video generates 1200% more shares than text and photography combined, across all social media platforms!


Don’t have the time to edit? You can still join in, with live-streaming being made available across Facebook and Instagram – allowing brands to reach their audience immediately (and an added bonus – it contributes to that all-important authenticity we rambled on about above!)


Influencers matter


It’s near impossible to scroll down your newsfeed without spotting a celebrity or two selling a product. The influencer market dominates social channels, and in an age where reviews are easily accessible, consumers are more concerned than ever with ensuring a brands credibility. Influencers offer an easy way for brands to both boost their positive affirmations and get their products in front of a receptive audience.


Consumers enjoy seeing ‘real’ people and industry leaders engaging with products, and communicating their true opinion. If someone they trust likes the product, they are more likely to purchase. The only thing you have to do? Ensure the influencer’s audience fits your target audience.


Tell! Don’t sell. 


While it’s important you sell your product, no one enjoys a brand dominating their timeline with sales jargon. Talk to your audience – respond to their queries, thank them for their loyalty, generate conversation through industry-related questions. Befriend your audience, let them get-to-know-you in return through story-telling and blog posts, and you’ll reap the benefits in no time!


Here at our digital agency in Leeds, we’re constantly telling our clients to try more open-ended captions, competitions and to always have someone on hand to reply to questions. While we understand that’s not always an option, the more you communicate with your audience (and in real-time), the more they keep coming back. Think of it this way – would you keep talking to someone if they never responded, or took days to reply? Or are you more likely to go and find someone that will talk back…


While the above four trends will help boost your engagement and capture a loyal fan base, nothing can replace a solid backbone of quality content and regular scheduling. Every brand needs a voice to be heard, so if you’re looking for a company to help kick-start your social media journey – or maintain an already existing portfolio – then our digital agency in Leeds can help make social media a key part of your marketing strategy.