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January 22, 2020

Punch predicts… 2020 marketing trends

In the dynamic world of marketing, to keep up with your competition and get the most out of your budget, you need to keep up with the trends. By taking advantage of the impact certain strategies can have on your audience, it’s possible to engage with customers on another level and continue to grow your business.


So, our Leeds creative agency have put together some of the top marketing trends for 2020 that we think you should bear in mind.



Personalisation is the future of digital marketing and is quickly becoming more advanced than ever. With an increased number of companies having the ability to capture detailed data and create highly customised experiences, it would be wise for everyone to try do the same.
For retailers in particular, studies have shown that customers are 50% more likely to use products again after receiving personalised offers. And, when consumers are targeted with content that’s not relevant to them, it can be extremely frustrating. So, if you’re going to do anything this year, focus on targeting the right people with personal content.


Brand activism

Brand activism is something that definitely grew in 2019 and it’s set to be just as big if not bigger in 2020. By aligning with a cause and championing political issues or movements, you can powerfully engage with audiences, especially your politically active consumers. A good example of a brand who does this well is Lush, who are passionate and committed to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.
But be careful, you must be sincere. Whatever you’re promoting must be something you believe in or you could run the risk of upsetting audiences and receiving backlash. Remember the Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner? The attempt to display police brutality coming to an end thanks to a can of Pepsi was labelled ‘tone deaf’ and ‘insincere’, which resulted in the soft drinks retailer having to issue a public apology.

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Focus on customer loyalty

A lot of companies choose to focus on customer loyalty, rewarding their customers and using incentives to increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchase. Not only is it proven to be easier to sell new products to existing customers that it is to new ones, it’s better for the brand image.
Other than incentives and rewards, a great way to let your customers know they are valued is to ask for and respond to feedback – good or bad. By doing this, you can get honest insight into what your customers like and don’t like about you and you have the opportunity to make a positive change.

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Catering to Gen Z

Due to the fact that Gen Z are set to be the most educated and financially powerful generation ever, in 2020, companies will be shifting a lot of their focus to them. Because they’ve never known a world offline and are accustomed to on-demand, mobile experiences, it’s important to give Gen Z exactly what they need and make their time online entertaining and worthwhile.

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