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May 3, 2012

2012 Internet Trends

blogging / news

According to research, last year people blogged less frequently, but the articles were more content rich and longer. This suggests that quality is far greater than quantity.


html 5 is now king as mobile flash is being killed off on Android, RIM tablets and Smart phones.
There are over 160 million iPhones, iPod touches and iPad users, 152 million Android users. Soon there will be 5 billion handheld internet devices!
Did you also know that samsung outsold apple in the quarter 4 of 2011, is there a possible shift from the iphone across to samsung? the galaxy note has already seen over 5 million sales in quarter 1 of 2012.

Social Media

Google+ still hasn’t taken off, it hasn’t even reached a market share of 0.5%, while facebook owns approximately 65%!
Although facebook is leading the SM charts and has recently bought instagram, last year in the US alone they lost over 6 million users!

Online Advertising

The first quarter of this year has seen the highest year on year growth rate in advertising spend since before 2009. Mobile clicks were up 4.4%, tablet clicks are 0.6% higher than PC rates of 2.5%. Google is the leader in paid search space but the merge with yahoo & Bing will pay off later in the year.


the cloud seems to be getting bigger and bigger with more data being created in the last three years than ever before. Will we see an end to conventional office storage?


did you know that 8 years of video is uploaded every day on youtube? Online television is increasing eve year with companies like net flick love film, and new sky online movies rental. Then there’s the online gaming community which rises every year and both xbox and sony seeing increasing in subscriptions and console purchases.


Ignoring the major online brands like ebay, amazon etc… Studies show that the majority of users are completely comfortable with making purchases online. It is simply easier to buy items online rather than trawl to the store to purchase items.


Is this the year we see a rise in proximity marketing? shop kick and foursquare let users opt in the collect promotions on their phones from nearby vendors. Will this new thinking on technology spread across to the major retail players? only time will tell…

Our predictions…

whilst the the world is now touch screen from tablet, monitors and mobile phones, will the next faze be gesture based? we already have the technology with the Xbox Kinect, so will this technology be brought into mobile and tablet use? we already have face detection so how about a nod or a shake of the head to keep or delete a file or page? watch this space…
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