2 new faces in the Punch design studio! - Punch Creative
July 21, 2013

2 new faces in the Punch design studio!

No sooner had we moved to get a bit of extra leg room than we start to fill our new space with more legs…

New clients always bring a different perspective to your business, and the last few months have been no different for us. It is exciting to win new business and easy to concentrate your time on those exciting new design projects.
Our focus has always been a balance of developing those new relationships and ensuring our existing clients don’t feel left out. Punch is only 6 years old and many of our clients have been with us from the start – and have been instrumental in our growth. So it goes without saying that we want to repay their support as we grow our own services.
We believe in giving the best local design talent a chance and have forged links to both Leeds Universities to do this. In fact, we get so many C.Vs through it is a shame we cant offer more people a chance – it is not an easy time to get a job in graphic design. But, on the flip side the current environment also means employers can cherry pick the best people available.

Both team members have already played a part in some major new client presentations…

With that in mind both of our new starters are from Leeds Universities and both have a great mix of skills, both in using our technical design software and pitching in with creative ideas. Just as importantly for us, they are both strong communicators and fit the Punch personality perfectly – which is crucial as we develop our own brand reputation.
So, whether you are a current Punch client or just a friend of ours, next time you drop by take a minute to say hello to Pip and Liv, like the rest of the Punch team we hope they will be with us for some time to come..!