October 31, 2011

10 things that will spook a creative…

[title]Some things are even scarier than ghosts and zombies.
As it is Halloween, here’s a list of 10 things that will spook the bejeezus out of any creative.[/title]
Our creative team take their morning brief...

Our creative team take their morning brief...

1. Moving deadlines – especially if they get closer, rather than farther away.
2. The color wheel of death – AKA computer crashes.
3. Clients who think they are creative and want to discuss their ideas for your artwork.
4. Being passed a client archive to work on…over a 15 DVD archive.
5. Being forced to use Comic Sans, at all, ever.
6. Knowing you are the only one left in the studio who can sign off the printers proofs.
7. Hearing that the original logo you are about to present the rebrand for was done by the bosses wife.
8. Noticing that no one proofed the presentation, as you open your notes in front of your clients.
9. Being left to pitch someone else’s half-baked idea, because someone else’s idea is always half-baked.
…and last but not by any means least
10. You’re forced to use a PC instead of a Mac.