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April 1, 2014

10 SEO tips for 2014

Website SEO, everyone wants it, most people are slightly confused and a bit scared by it.

For a long time web SEO has been a dark art. Bogus back links, 3rd party blog content and link building done in far away lands used to deliver results. Then Google changed the way it worked and websites began to tumble down results pages.
To start, let’s put a few myths to bed. There are a lot of simple things you can do to make a difference. Fundamentally of course you need a decent website with a CMS you can access (I will resist the big sell at this point). But, SEO needn’t be scary. In essence Google promotes quality, fresh website content that is relevant to your services. For example, it is no surprise that this blog is about SEO given that SEO is something we do. So far the Google spiders can’t detect irony though so it makes sense that a lot of our blogs are about web related issues.
Of course, there is a bit more to it than the main points detailed below, but this will give you a good leg up! If you want to know more give us a call…

Beware the travelling SEO salesman

1. Domain name keywords

This is not an absolute essential element but having your keyword as part of your domain name goes a long way to help with SEO.

2. Internal web links

Always link your related pages within your website. Don’t overdo this but ensure that all your main sub pages have relevant linked content.

3. Optimise your images

Ensure that any images you are uploading have been optimised as it is proven that the load time of your website influences the amount of returning traffic.

4. Image labelling

Use alt tags and also label images correctly, there are thousands of users who search images especially if you are selling a finished product or visual product. It’s amazing how many people will take a pic with their digital camera and simply upload an image called 0123.jpg.

5. 1 click rule

At Punch Creative we have a 1 click rule that any vital information is no more than 1 click away. If your customers have to search through your site to find any vital content they won’t return or will lose interest very quickly.

6. Content is king

There’s no getting around the fact that your website needs quality written content. Google promotes fresh, quality, informative content, so having plenty will boost your SEO rankings.

7. Speak the right language

Understand your target market is critical, and well researched Keywords and industry phrases are essential in attracting the right audience. As a quick example, consider how many times this blog uses the main keyword: website

8. Social Media

Sharing is caring and getting your users talking and sharing your website content is a great way of free advertising. Always ensure that all links lead back to your website – never lead them to another site.

9. Updating your website content

Keeping a regular blog or news section on your website with quality and informative content will score you higher on the rankings. Don’t sell, tell… and the majority of people will share a good story or a tip but will never share a personalised selling message unless it’s a focused retail sale.

10. SEO evaluation & reporting

Find a company like Punch Creative who can help you track and accomplish goals. Understanding how users flow through your site is vital in understanding trends on your website. You should always know which are the most popular and unpopular pages on your site.

11. (One extra for free) Monitor your competition

Understanding trends in your market will always keep you up with your competition. Keeping a regular check on your top three competitors websites will give you a clear indication of how well (or how poorly) your own website is performing.
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